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Continuing Education Program

CEP Mission and Vision

CEP marshals LAU by encompassing all schools in reaching out to communities for the purpose of adult education, professional enhancement, applied research and impact creativity. Through CEP, LAU as an institution of higher learning is committed to community engagement on the broadest scale, in the interest of sustainable knowledge driven by socio-economic developments.

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals within the mission and vision are to: 

  1. Reach out with relevant programs to various communities of practice in the country and in the region (i.e., lawyers, industrialists, engineers, nurses). 
  2. Provide a diversity of offerings at multiple levels addressing specific vertical (Para versus professional programs) and horizontal (accountant versus nurses) niches in the labor market. 
  3. Address the needs of knowledge industries by adding valued programs to the emerging local and regional economy. 
  4. Offer mid-career educational opportunities for practitioners who, for various reasons, missed out on such opportunities at an earlier stage in their careers. 
  5. Lead innovation in the various trades of human capital investment with a view towards futuristic skill -building in the context of a digital world moving at the speed of thought. 
  6. Utilize a blended program strategy and moving towards a complete on-line program strategy, much in line with the global trend in this domain.

Clusters of CEP programs

  1. Professional workshops / programs intended for early career or mid-career practitioners in specific market demand-driven areas (on an open enrollment or customized basis) such as marketing, sales, accounting, computer technology, nursing, nutrition and food safety...
  2. Certification and Diploma programs in various areas for participants seeking Para-professional qualifications extending beyond short term workshops. These include, but are not limited to, some of the areas listed in the above section 1.  
  3. Partnership programs with institutions in the community with a goal to jointly undertake specific professional development programs that serve particular skill sets, markets or geographical niches. Examples are the Safadi Foundation, Zahle's Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Muhanna Foundation...

  4. Two -years Associate Diploma programs in selected areas providing participants with formal Para-professional qualifications that are instrumental for employment purposes or for transitioning towards a Bachelor degree.
  5. Aptitude exams, preparatory programs catering for the needs of students to succeed in college admission exams such as SAT, GMAT, MCAT, GRE, ILES, TOEFL, ...
  6. Remedial academic programs, meant to provide academic deficient LAU students with an extensive program to reestablish their academic standing in their respective departments.
  7. Bachelor or Master Degrees under the auspices of CEP as it is customary for such programs in the U.S.
  8. Export CEP programs to the region with program design, instruction and assessment exclusively controlled by LAU.

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