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Business Management Program

This professional program focuses on developing overall business knowledge so that the participants will be more informed and better prepared to pursue employment in today’s workplace. The courses introduce many key areas in business including human resources, marketing, finance, accounting, and business statistics. Topics are updated on a regular basis to address the new challenges and trends in the business environment.

The Business Management Program is composed of nine fundamental courses. The candidate must complete six of the nine classes in order to be eligible for the certificate.

Students may register for individual courses or enroll in the full program.

Fundamental Courses:

Course Descriptions

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

This course provides a practical and realistic approach to the study of human resource management with emphasis on the interrelationship between various human resource functions. Key topics include strategic human resource management, social responsibility and business ethics, job analysis and human resource planning, recruitment, training and development, career planning, performance appraisal, and compensation and benefits.

Accounting for Non-Accountants

This course introduces the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), assets, liabilities and owner’s equity, preparation of financial statements, and completion of the accounting cycle. Key topics include the building blocks of accounting, GAAP assumptions-basic accounting equation, the recording process, account adjustment, completion of the accounting cycle, accounting for merchandising operations, and inventories.

Basic Marketing Skills

This course familiarizes students with the marketing environment covering the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution). Key topics include elements of the marketing mix, marketing process, and legal and social environments.

Consumer Behavior

This course focuses on the understanding of various factors that influence consumer buying behavior. Key topics include an overview of current trends in the field, an in-depth analysis of consumer motivation, a focus on buying behavior and how it influences marketing strategies, a review of the internal and external environments, and the strategic initiatives that can be developed to address these issues.

Basic Management Skills

This course studies the functions of business management including planning, organization, leadership, decision making, and controlling. Key topics include the dynamic new workplace, the decision making process, environment and diversity, global dimensions of management, planning and decision making, strategic management, organizing as a management function, organizational structures, and leadership.

The ABCs of Economics

This course introduces students to the principles of supply and demand, monetary and fiscal policies, and national income. Key topics include the nature and scope of economics, consumer behavior, theory of the firm, price determination, and allocation of resources.

Business Statistics

This course provides an understanding of statistical data, time series, frequency distributions, probabilities, charts, and surveys. Key topics include probability, random variable, sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, time series, and index numbers.

Introduction to Business Principles

This course studies the overall business environment, focusing on the various processes and functions. Key topics include the organization of a business, business environment, management, managing employees, marketing, and financial management.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This course provides an overview of the different applications of tools and techniques to analyze businesses’ financial problems. Key topics include working capital management, capital budgeting, organizational financial policies, and conduct of business enterprises.

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