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Continuing Education Program

Executive Office Management

This one-year program is designed to develop the necessary office management skills for future professional secretaries. The courses focus on building key technical capabilities and communication skills to ensure organizational efficiency.

Students may register for individual courses or enroll in the full program.

The program consists of the following seven courses:

Fall Semester (12 Wks)

Spring Semester (12 Wks)

Summer Semester Semester (12 Wks)

Course Descriptions

English Language

This course focuses on improving various English language skills. The objective is to enhance proficiency within the framework of business correspondence. The focal point of the course is on reading business texts and learning professional grammar and writing structures so that students may convey messages more efficiently and effectively.

Introduction to Business Principles

This course gives candidates a basic introduction to the business environment. Topics include basic business functions, accounting, finance, management, marketing, and economics.

Secretarial Computer Literacy

This course helps students develop basic touch keyboarding skills on a computer. Students will learn the alphabetical, symbol-key, and tenkey pad functions.

Business Correspondence

This course focuses on examining the various categories of business correspondence and presenting an overview of the styles and formats appropriate to each. The participants will be able to communicate within a business setting with confidence. By the end of the course, participants will be able to generate business letters, memos, and reports.

Office Management

This course introduces students to the general functions required in the office environment including mail handling, filing systems, information channeling, email, internet usage, organization of meetings, appointments, and communication skills.

Management of Office Finance

This course provides students with knowledge about daily financial transactions including petty cash, receipts, orders, and invoices.

Office Computer Applications

This course introduces basic information systems theory and practice. Office software applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are included.

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