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Health and fitness remain among the fastest growing industries in today’s world. This has led to considerable investment in health clubs, spas, weight loss, and beauty clinics. Such investments are not only common in Lebanon but throughout the Middle East. With this rapid growth, specialists who possess good physical and athletic performance along with a scientific background are currently in great demand. The changing needs in society, combined with the increasing demand for certified and qualified trainers, make the LAU Professional Fitness Certification Program a great opportunity for students who are seeking a professional career in the health and fitness sector.

Students may register for individual courses or enroll in the full program.

Courses Offered:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Summer Semester Semester

Course Descriptions

Human Anatomy

This course provides students with the strong foundation needed to support their future work experiences in the health and fitness field. This course helps the student understand how the human body is structured. The focus is on the study of large body structures visible to the naked eye such as the muscles, bones, articulations, heart, and lungs.

Exercise Physiology

This course examines the dynamic nature of the living body by understanding the operation of specific organ systems while exercising. Students will study the fundamental principles and mechanisms that help explain how the body adapts physiologically to the acute stress of exercise, physical activity, and the chronic stress of physical training.

Biomechanics of Weight Lifting

This course provides students with detailed biomechanical information related to weight training. The student will learn teaching progressions, proper communication, identification and correction of common technical problems, and multi-joint free weight movements. This practical course teaches proper exercise techniques, usage of the Swiss ball, balance training, and stretching.

Group Fitness Class

This course provides basic information and the learning experience necessary for effective leaders. This practical course is designed to help students gain experience in group exercise instruction for teaching safe, enjoyable, and effective aerobic classes.

Nutrition for Health and Performance

This course examines nutrition from a health and performance perspective. Facts and fallacies will be explored. This course provides the participant with both general and advanced nutritional information for healthy individuals as well as athletes.

Health Fitness Training

This course helps students gain knowledge in the field of health and fitness, exercise and physical injuries, training and chronic diseases, fitness testing and program design, nutrition and drugs, exercise for weight loss, strength training, and strength program design criteria. This comprehensive course provides the participant with the knowledge and skills needed to develop fitness programs for the general public.

Athletic Fitness Training

This course increases student awareness of some of the fitness training systems for developing athletes. This comprehensive course provides the student with the knowledge and skills needed to develop fitness programs for competitive athletes in various sports. The course focuses on advanced topics in training the aerobic and anaerobic systems, developing strength and power, planning and periodization, and sports nutrition.

Fitness Management

This course provides the student with the knowledge and skills needed to manage Health Fitness Facilities. The course focuses on providing standards and guidelines for pre-activity screening, orientation, education, supervision, risk management, emergency procedures, professional staff and independent contractors, facility design and construction, facility equipment, and operational practices.

Post-Rehabilitation Training

This course provides students with the information and techniques needed for the strengthening of muscles after rehabilitation from an injury or surgery. This course provides the student with the knowledge and skills needed to develop specific training programs following rehabilitation and the prevention of muscular-skeletal injuries. It demonstrates different exercises that can be performed after surgery and for the treatment of standard injuries.

Fitness Marketing

This course presents students with essential information on how to market themselves and their organizations. This course teaches students the basic concepts in marketing to operate a successful business. The course focuses on providing an understanding of marketing management, developing market strategies, and delivering marketing programs.


This course covers the elements of an effective fitness trainer. The instructor will arrange for the student to be placed in a professional health club where they will be guided and supervised for 60 working hours. A detailed written report will be presented at the end of the internship. This course provides the students with the practical experience needed to start a professional career in fitness.

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