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English Preparatory Courses

The special English preparatory courses provide instruction to non-native speakers of English. These courses are given on the basis of sixteen hours per week. They range from teaching basic language skills to beginners to helping advanced students refine their English in preparation for higher education, vocational training, or a career. In addition, this program is targeted to prepare students for the EEE and SAT examinations. All levels focus on strengthening reading, writing, listening, and grammar skills.

English Level I
(192 hours)*
Students at this level:
  • Learn to enhance their verbal skills and participate in simple conversations
  • Begin to read simple material about familiar topics
  • Begin to write about simple and standard topics
English Level II
(192 hours - Pre SAT)*
Students at this level:
  • Learn to converse about day-to-day topics and areas of special interest
  • Read general texts and some specialized readings with good comprehension
  • Write with some fluency about a range of familiar day-to-day topics
  • Introduce students to SAT testing points and strategies
English Level III
(192 hours- SAT)*
Students at this level:
  • Understand spoken English in many day-to-day settings involving familiar topics
  • Participate in conversations covering a range of topics
  • Read a variety of standard and professional material with good speed and comprehension
  • Write about topics of personal interest and a variety of social issues
  • Focus on application of SAT testing points and drills as well as EEE testing strategies
  • Are ready to sit for the SAT and EE examinations
English Level IV
(192 hours- Advanced SAT)*
Students at this level:
  • Can easily participate and engage in conversations in professional settings
  • Can easily read a variety of materials with a high degree of comprehension and speed
  • Can write about familiar topics, specialized topics of personal interest, and areas of expertise
  • Achieve Mastery of the overall SAT testing points an critical analysis required
  • Are fully prepared to take university entrance exams (EEE/TOEFL/SAT)

* 128 hours during the Summer Session

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