Lebanese American University

Continuing Education Program

Non-Credit Courses for Suspended Students

This program is designed to keep suspended students engaged in classroom activities. There are four non-credit courses offered that students may take during the period of their suspension from the university. These courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Courses Offered:

Course Descriptions

Stress and Time Management

This course teaches students about the various stressors and their effect on the individual. It also offers effective coping skills and helps students reassess a maladaptive lifestyle. The course works on increasing the students’ awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and helps them plan their activities.

Introduction to Business

This course introduces the essentials of business for students who have little familiarity with the field or who may be considering a career in business. This course will explore broad areas of business and give an overview in many areas, including management, business organization, marketing, financial management, operations management, human resources, and international business.

Study Skills & Communications

This course teaches students different preparatory and study techniques, as well as advanced learning strategies, in order to improve their overall approach to university studies. Topics include time management, note taking, mnemonics, and creative thinking.

Logic and Methods of Reasoning

This course is designed to teach students the different techniques of logical thinking in a manner that allows the student to accept, reject, or postpone judgment about different situations that they may face in life. Students are taught how to think critically and express themselves both orally and in the form of writing, as the essay is introduced as an argumentative instrument of thought.

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