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"I would like to grab the opportunity to thank all the LAU CEP team for all their support during my CFA exam preparation. The CEP coherent teaching approach as well as the help, guidance and cooperation from the expert professors assisted me a lot in the studying and understanding of the materials. Thank you CEP, you made me achieve my ultimate goal -Success."

Omar Hasen

"I want to take this opportunity to thank the CEP staff at LAU for your guidance and support during my participation in the CFA level 1 preparatory courses. Your leadership throughout the study period assisted me in passing the level 1 exam."

Loutfig Keoushguerian

Office Management

"The Executive Office Management Program helped us learn to accept change and let it affect us positively now and later in the future. We are now equipped with knowledge that will help us keep updating ourselves and preparing for our future. This knowledge will never leave us, our education is ours to keep and share. We made it, we learned, and we succeeded!"

Nisreen Katergi

Summer Camp

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the success of the LAU summer camp of 2009. I have both my children registered in your reputed camp for this summer. The organization, the system, the responsibility, the team, the facilities, the activities, the safety - the list is ongoing. The entire team has been very efficient and cooperative in every way possible."

Rim Al Jamil

English Programs

"I have spent three semesters in the CEP at LAU. The purpose was to improve my English language skills. It was a really great experience for three reasons: the high level of education, the help from the teachers, and the caring attitude of the specialists in this program. I want to thank, without limits, all the teachers and the administration of the CEP for what they have provided. It has been an unforgettable experience which taught me a lot."

Stephany Samaha

English Programs

"While attending English courses, the CEP was the first to motivate me to be a student at LAU, then a PhD student in the USA, and now a professor at LAU. Thanks CEP!"

Hussein F. Zeaiter, Ph.D. LAU Business School Faculty


"I wanted to inform you that I completed the Level 1 (CFA exam) successfully. In June, I will take Level II. I know that you will be happy for me. You were my inspiration, after all, and I will not let you down!�

Abed El Majeed Bazzi


�I would like to extend my gratitude to the CEP Department that gave my wife the opportunity to pass the SAT Test with a 610 score on math after taking the Math Preparatory Course for SAT with Mr. Alexan Choulhadjian. My wife is Estonian and finished school in 1998!"

Jalal E. Kahwagi


"Thank you for a truly great SPHR/PHR course which provided me with valuable insights and information and with the necessary tools to pass the HRCI exam certification. Also, I am thankful for the expertise of the instructors, the structure of the course and study materials, and the rich discussions, drilling exercises, and mock exams."

Rania Barrage


"I would like to thank all my teachers at LAU that I had during my PHR/SPHR preparatory course. The materials were excellently explained and very comprehensive. I'm now PHR certified and this certification is of a great importance for my professional career. I dedicate my success to all my teachers and to LAU whose staff and instructors were so helpful and supportive. Thanks again LAU!!!"

Maya Elhajj

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